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Marco Polo marches again

Episode 1 ready for an edit

Episode 1 ready for an edit


I’ve been converting the Series 1 episodes of Doctor Who for iPod/iPhone and when I hit the fourth story, Marco Polo, I decided it just wasn’t good enough. 

When DWM printed the telesnaps of this story a few years back I went to the Loose Cannon website to see if they’d be upgrading their rather-poor Marco Polo recon and they just downright said No.  So I decided to make my own.  Using the telesnaps, all the magazine articles I could find and every mention in the hardback books I scanned like a man possessed.  Seven months later I had assembled it into a story I could be proud of.  I’d even managed to get some motion into Episode 5, thanks to Octopussy

The first time I did it, I figured it would be a placeholder.  I knew at some stage I’d come back and do it better.  And now the time has come, I have to do that.

I’ve got as far as episode 5, which is almost done, and decided to check again from the start and I’m glad I did.  During the process somehow episode 1 got knocked out of sync, so I have to re-edit it.

So I’ve loaded episode 1 in and now it’s ready for tweaking.  Hopefully it’ll go smoothly and I can return to finishing episode 5.

Please also see my Youtube page for other Doctor Who stuff: http://www.youtube.com/user/Rumpio


2 responses to “Marco Polo marches again

  1. Michael Saturday 19th March, 2011 at 10.16 pm

    Hello. Is there any way to see your completed recon of Marco Polo and any other recons you have done? Thanks.

    • Rumpio Sunday 20th March, 2011 at 7.40 pm

      Right now, no. When I’ve managed to free up some space on the PC I’ll be able to upload a copy of the remastered version, but at the moment space is precious.
      I’m also halfway through Power of the Daleks episode 1. I’ve got the two of the most complicated scenes dones, as soon as I crack the Governor meeting the Doctor scene it should all flow rather quickly! The remaining 5 episodes would be a doddle I think.

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