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Whatever Happened to Brendan Richards?

Yeah, come on Big Finish, when are you going to do a Companion Chronicles story for the ward of Sarah-Jane’s aunt?  I fear we may have a long wait.

But in editing the first episode of Stephen Fry’s 1988 series, This is David Lander, I couldn’t help exclaiming at the screen “It’s Brendan!” as I did when I spotted Ian Sears (for it is he) in the rather excellent Channel 4 series Nightingales.  In Nightingales he played a medical student who had a morbid fear of blood and… oh yes, just happened to be a werewolf too.  And very good he was, especially in his return appearance in the second series episode King Lear II.  There really is no end to the trivia I have in my brain.

Anyway, in this show he plays a hairdresser.  He gets a few lines as an annoying interrupter, but as he’s playing a hairdresser he plays it camp, despite wearing a wedding ring!

And here he is:

Don't look at the camera!

Don't look at the camera!


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