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The Princess

I’ve just finished watching the 1980 documentary Death of a Princess.  It’s a dramatisation of the events in 1977 where a nineteen year-old Saudi princess was executed on a trumped up charge, along with her equally young lover.

I have virtually no knowledge of Islam or the Middle East so it was a bit of a revelation for me about the society there.  Apparently little has changed there in 30 years.  Women are segregated (to a far harsher degree than black people were in America) and Princesses have even less freedom than the ordinary woman (who has very few freedoms indeed).

I first heard about these events many years ago from a Not the Nine O’Clock News LP where they make a spoof apology to the Saudi government (in reality a huge controversy occurred because of the film). 

I’ve pulled out a scene from the film and you can see it here.  It debunks some myths about Islam which I was suprised at, particularly that veils and the rights of women are nothing to do with Islam.  Quite the reverse.  Women in those days were equals to men with positions of authority and everything.

Please seek out a copy of the film, it’s very enlightening.


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