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Riders of the Lost Marc(o)

Preparing for battle

Preparing for battle (note the square corners!)

Finally episode 5 – Rider from Shang-Tu – is finished.  (Damn you Warcraft, why must you be so addictive?!!)  I’ve forced myself to stop playing for a couple of days and get down to the torturous Photoshopping of Doctor Who telesnaps. 
While it’s great to have the telesnaps they do tend to have the corners rounded off like an old non-square edged television.  So I have to manually go into Photoshop for each of the hundreds of telesnaps and using the Clone tool extend the corners back out.  It’s a tedious chore and I put it off as much as possible.  Also as a lot of the photos used are not telesnapped or are grabbed from other scenes in other episodes I have to adjust the lighting for each snap to make them not contrast with the shots around them.
So finally episode 5 is done.  Two more agonising episodes to go!

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