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A (free!) Dictionary in your pocket

WordWeb (bottom-right)

WordWeb (bottom-right)

One of my favourite applications for the PC has now been ported for the iPhone.  It’s called WordWeb and it’s an offline dictionary and thesaurus.  On the PC it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and just about anything else.  You just highlight a word in Word or Excel or Outlook or whatever and click CTRL-ALT-W and it instantly opens a dictionary page for that word and tells you what it means (in normal English) and gives you a thesaurus entry too.
Well now it’s on the iPhone too!  So when I read Dickens on the toilet and he says that someone
“…was presently in a dim coach-house, bargaining for the hire of an old Phaeton, to Paris.
I can look up what a Phaeton is without leaving the bathroom!  And because it’s an offline dictionary it doesn’t matter that I don’t get a reception in there.
It even ties into Wikipedia, Answers.com and Google so if the written description doesn’t help me see it in my mind’s eye I can go straight to a page on Phaetons and see exactly what one looks like.
And it’s FREE too!  If you have an iPhone (and if you don’t, I really feel sorry for you) this is a must-have application.  If you don’t have an iPhone, it runs on Java-enabled mobile phones too. 

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