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I’m as weak as a kitten

Jarvis pulled by a stronger creature

Jarvis pulled by a stronger creature

After a long absence of use, I decided to record something on my DVD recorder.  Only it won’t record anything any more.  Sure, it plays fine but that’s it.  So eBay was my friend and I bought another  DVD recorder, only it’s stuck on 16:9 for tv so I thought I’d bite the bullet and get myself a widescreen tv.
But widescreen tvs are rather expensive so I bought a 28in widescreen tv off my friend eBay and got one for a ridiculously low price of £7.01.   And it’s gorgeous – the picture is beautiful, the sound is stunning – I love it.  So what if it’s CRT?  I don’t care.
However, I had to collect the thing on my own and a CRT tv weighs an absolute ton.  Now I’m a fairly big strong guy, but by the time I’d got it out of the woman’s flat, down a flight of stairs, into a car, out of a car, up a flight of stairs into my flat and onto the nearest surface above floor level, my arms suddenly lost all their strength.  Even now lifting a vacuum cleaner is a major challenge.  I can only wait to get my strength back but my muscles between the elbow and wrists are refusing to co-operate – I think maybe I strained them.
Still, £7.01 – bargain!
And as I wanted to check out the picture I put on the nearest DVD to hand which was Casino Royale – only the third time I’ve watched it and I love it even more than the first time I saw it.  A proper spy story with possibly the most authentic Fleming-like Bond storyline and characterisation yet.
But being a Doctor Who afficionado – i’m not a fan – I can’t help noticing the Doctor Who actors I spot in films!
There was Tom “Bye Bye Duggan!” Chadbon, Robert Jezek, even Maria’s dad from the Sarah Jane Adventures.  I spotted more but I’ve forgotten them now.  It’s been half an hour.  Seriously though, when are they gonna get Judi Dench in a Who?  They got Sir Derek Jacobi, even Timothy Dalton…  She’s even been in The Chronicles of Riddick, so she’s not averse to a bit of sci-fi and from a programme I saw about her a while ago, she’s a game lass with a naughty streak.  I’m sure she would toddle up to Cardiff if the role was appealing.

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