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Bad words


Stevie Wonder (talented though he is) is not legendary.  Tell me the legend of Stevie Wonder.  Did he slay a dragon?  Did he fly to the Sun only for his wings to melt?  Did he trick an ogre into a bottomless pit?  I think not.  This is also true of “the proverbial”.


I hear podcasters say “I apologise profusely”.  No you do not.  Profusely is a description of how you apologised.  You cannot just add it to “I apologise” to ramp up the level of your apology.  I can name another podcaster who says “I recommend highly“.  Same rule applies.


Also, you cannot say (and I’m sorry, but I’m aiming this at american podcasters as most of them seem to do it) that something is “very unique”.  Something is not quite unique, very unique or even slightly unique.  Unique is an absolute.  A thing is either unique or it is not, there are no degrees of uniqueness.  Don’t they teach you anything in school?


Adding the suffix -ish to a word does not make a new word.  Stop it.


Ooh poor lovey’s a bit poorly is he?  No he bloody isn’t, he’s unwell, ill or sick.


Popularised by The Sun this word is a particular abomination, like the way they misuse Hero.  I am not a folk.


Awww what a sweet kiddy.  Look at him, 2 yrs-old but he waves that placard so well.


OK you may have guessed I don’t like babytalk.  It’s sickening.  I used to go out with a girl who called me Sweetie.


I remember when this used to be used about cats.   God I’m old.


Ugh, was there really a difference between Chill and Relax?


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