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Kublai Khan’s Café

Can the Khan

Can the Khan

Well episode 6 is finally in the virtual can. At last I can move on to the final episode.  Oh what a relief!

I’ve managed to clean up a ‘Billy-fluff”.  He says during the throneroom scene “I’m far from unwell” and I’ve managed to successfully perform a seamless edit on the “un-” to give Mr Hartnell a bit more credibility.  It’s unfair that fandom laughs at his fluffs as all Doctors have made fluffs but the black and white doctors didn’t have the saving grace of editing and retakes.  I remember removing a fluff from the courier in episode 7 the last time round, so I’ll have to remember to do that again.


But whenever Ian says “we’ll never escape Kublai Khan’s Cathay” I always hear it in my mind’s eye as a little establishment selling pots of tea and doing fry-ups.  Ah well!


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