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Michael Bay’s new Nightmare

I hate remakes.  They’re pointless and almost always a worse version than the original.  But I’ve been saying for years that Nightmare on Elm Street should do a prequel.  And watching this video I thought that finally we had one.



But then I saw the recreation of the Nancy in the bath scene and my heart sank.  They had to mess with the original, goddamit. 

On the one hand it is made by New Line (the company who did the originals) so they would presumably have fairly high standards, but on the other hand we have a new Fred Krueger who looks nothing like Robert Englund and the beautiful Heather Langenkamp has been replaced by yet another bland Hollywood starlet.

What’s happened in Hollywood?  You used to have people you could pick out of a lineup, but now everyone has no character in their face.  I mean, Eliza Dushku?  Katee Sackhoff?  Pur-leeze, if they passed me on the street I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from any other ‘beautiful’ girl.

However, the trailer makes it look rather good.  I will try to give it a fair chance, maybe the new Freddy will be good, even if the blando new Nancy will suck some of the life out of it.


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