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Bunged Up

So about a week ago I got this pain in my upper left jaw and then developed earache in my left ear.  Over the weekend my hearing went funny, kinda like when you’re underwater and you come up for air.  I went to a NHS Walk-In centre where they said it might be a perforated eardrum, gave me antibiotics (the standard response) and told me to see my GP when they ran out.

This weekend has been hell, my ear’s been leaking goo all night and I’ve barely slept.  Today I could take the discomfort no more and moved myself post-haste to hospital to see if they could pump out the goo which is dulling the sound in my left ear.  Fears of being diagnosed with a perforated eardrum and encroaching deafness nearly sent me over the edge.  I rely on my senses, if I lost my sight or hearing I would freak out.   I stopped going clubbing when I heard my ears ringing in the toilets of a particularly loud club.

So after about 20 pages of Dickens (which gives you an idea how long I waited) I got called in to see the nurse.  She set my mind at ease that if my eardrum were to be perforated I would heal and my hearing would return to normal in 3wks to 6 months.  I’m not going to be deaf!  Phew.  I still have the unceasing discomfort of all sound being not exactly stereo, but as if someone’s turned the balance to the right.  I can still hear in my left ear, but not higher frequencies.

She said to keep all water from my ear (showers etc) and see my GP who would either give me more antibiotics or have my ear pumped.  They call it an “aural toilet” apparently!  If it is pumped my hearing won’t instantly return to normal, but I see it as a good start.

Now I just have to endure the agonies of getting past the GP’s receptionist.  You know the drill, they try to keep people from the GP for as long as possible.  I don’t want to have to book an appointment for three days from now.  The nurse at the hospital assured me that I can be seen by any duty doctor, not just my GP so hopefully I won’t be prevented by these harridan desk jockeys.

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