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Can you Sausage me a Gregory?

Today Amazon made me happy.  The much-wanted Sweeney boxset turned up and it’s magnificent!  Now if you’re not British or under 35 you won’t know what it is, but if you like Life On Mars you’ll love this.  The writers of Life On Mars said that basically they wanted to write The Sweeney.

Packed full of all the episodes in lovely remastered beautiful-looking colours was all I was expecting.  But it’s got more!

Commentaries with Dennis Waterman, Garfield “Haskins” Morgan; writers, Ted Childs, Trevor Preston, Troy Kennedy Martin; editors; directors and numerous introductions by the guest stars it’s worth every penny of the measly £46 I spent on the DVDs (all 18 of them!) and also music-only audio tracks should you want them!

It also has the Armchair Theatre episode which inspired the series and the two Sweeney movies.

The colours are beautiful and the banter in the commentaries just make me wish I was working for Euston Films in the 70s.  It sounds like they had a blast and hearing them now you can picture them all sitting before the mics with a tumbler full of scotch.

I heartily recommend this to you, buy it, you’ll have the time of your life (Running time: 48 solid hours if you didn’t sleep, or go to the toilet).

Now get yer trousers on, you’re nicked.

Buy it here


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