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Why does no-one tell me these things?

A typical Digiguide screen

A typical Digiguide screen

Every now and then I check the internet to see if Digiguide has been ported to the iPhone and I always come away disappointed.  But today I stumbled across tvguide.co.uk who do have an iPhone tv guide!  It doesn’t yet have the full functionality of Digiguide (there’s no radio listings, no reminders, no colour-coding) but it’s still damn good.


And clicking on a BBC iPlayer link on one of the programmes showed me that, yes, you can now listen to The News Quiz via your iPhone – hurrah!  Not a big fan of the news quiz myself, but it shows that streaming content is slowly edging it’s way towards the mobile phone.  Now I’m sure you can pay for some streaming material, but being a British citizen I’m used to getting all my tv and radio for free.

I assume the News Quiz (and I’ve just found a lot of bbc7 stuff!) can be streamed as there’s no copyrighted music involved (unlike trying to listen to a streaming radio channel) and that a further amount of rooting around would find other programs I could listen to via the iPlayer.  I haven’t yet found any TV that streams to the iPhone, but I’m sure a year from now it’ll be commonplace.  It’s a good start, it can only get better.

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