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The Tyrant’s 8mm

I’ve been working on my reconstruction of the two missing episodes of The Reign of Terror.

My version uses a mixture of stills and video footage from the surviving episodes. It also includes the 8mm footage of an Australian fan who pointed their cine camera at their tv screen back whenever Australian tv showed it in the 60s.

And in dropping in a piece of this footage I noticed that the Lost in Time DVD (from where the clip is sourced) had it slightly wrong. Ian Chesterton wasn’t saying something about Jules Renan at all. My limited lipreading skills combined with the quality of the cinefilm told me the only discernible word was ‘cheese’.

Now, in this French tale it is possible that Ian was getting a bit fromage fixated, but unlikely.

So I played through the dialogue until I heard him say something about “Le Chien Gris” which sounds to me a lot like cheese.

Grabbed Frame 57

"...except that, as I found Le Chien Gris, you found me."

It comes about 15m into episode four of The Reign of Terror.  I tried it, it fits perfectly with the soundtrack. Huzzah! One piece of silent film correctly positioned. Small victories.

My schoolboy french tells me that Chien is Dog, but I’m still no wiser on what Gris means.  Ah well.


5 responses to “The Tyrant’s 8mm

  1. Zombiebacon Sunday 8th November, 2009 at 10.27 pm

    Just found your site and your brilliant bit of syncing. I’m linking to this on my website dedicated to missing TV, film and radio. Keep up the great work.


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  3. ogronic Sunday 15th November, 2009 at 11.00 am

    Le Chien Gris is surely The Grey Dog in English? Well done for some detailed detection!

    • rumpio Sunday 15th November, 2009 at 3.54 pm

      Thanks ogronic! Now that sounds like a real pub 🙂
      Did you know Conciergerie Prison is a real place? I thought it was a fictional creation, but Google Images has photos of it!
      Now there’s somewhere else to go on a French Doctor Who tour, not just the Eiffel Tower and the Metro now!

  4. ogronic Sunday 15th November, 2009 at 4.39 pm

    Dont know that I’d want to visit – The Conciergerie has a gruesome history! I don’t think all the prison wardens were comedy characters!

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