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Rod, Jane and Freddy (and Matt and Roger)

It’s amazing what you find out on Wikipedia.  I was listening to The Gentleman’s Review podcast and they started talking about Rod, Jane and Freddy and how it wasn’t always that lineup.  I had vague recollections of there being a different group of people and decided to find out once and for all (you need something to do while your computer is busy with tasks).

Yes, there was a guy called Roger before Freddy, I barely remember Freddy becoming the new guy but what absolutely staggered me (I have no life) was that before Roger joined there was another guy in the trio.


Rod, Jane and... Matt!

It’s only Matthew Corbett!  Sooty’s previous owner and the only cool ginger guy of my childhood.  He even was cool despite having a beard.

It’s amazing the things you don’t know about.  I saw Lou Beale (Anna Wing) from Eastenders in an episode of The Sweeney today.  She had auburn hair and spoke quite properly.  Did you know her real-life son is Zaphod Beeblebrox?

I’ve also seen Dot Cotton in The Sweeney.  And Nana Hill.  Anyone who has the faintest idea of who all these people are is welcome to buy me a pint in my club any time.  It is the Winchester Club.  Ha ha I am funny.

For all your Rainbow needs, go here.


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