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Adam Ant in Bladerunner! Seriously.

When I was a kid I had a t-shirt with the Adam and the Ants logo on it

Adam and the Ants logo, c.1979
I still have the t-shirt, it’s faded a bit, but I always figured I’d get it reprinted some day.  So while I went searching for the logo I stumbled across a news story which shows that unbeknownst to many (including Adam and Marco Pirroni) an iconic Adam Ant image was used in the film!
This is clearly genuine and rather wonderful.  Go look at the swirly spiral building closely (the second photo is more clear) and there he is!
There’s even talk of a new Adam Ant album for 2009 but as it’s already mid-November I won’t hold my breath.  I’d love to hear an Ants album returning to the style of Dirk Wears White Sox.  That stuff really stands the test of time and it’s from a time before they went Pop.  It, as the Americans say, rocks.

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