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The End of Time, pt 2 – Phototweetblog

Oops, cataloguing DVDs I’ve recorded and this disc is playing End of Time pt. 2 – must. stop. watching. arrrgh… i cannae stop Cap’n…

Wilf’s doing the “take the gun, I don’t want you to die” bit and ohhhh it’s so moving…

Loster 21: Stop, even reading your tweets is making me sad!

A White Point Star! The Time Lords are returning! Argh, I can’t stop watching #doctorwho

UppityWomyn: lol. Enjoy.

I can’t help it, The Cribbins got me and sucked me in.

Woo… The Master is welcoming the return of Timothy Dalton… ohhhhhh god, it’s shit but fun πŸ˜€

“Shitbutfun” is how I categorise the RTD era.

UppityWomyn: soo pissed, they killed the timelords again.

and a fall from higher than a radio telescope is just fine.

UppityWomyn: lol.

and Timmeh Dalton has de-Mastered the world with his science-rejecting magic glove.

UppityWomyn: wasn’t that the same kinda glove they used on torchwood?

@UppityWomyn I think they were just too cheap to get props to build a different glove. I’m sure it’s not meant to be “The Risen Mitten”.

UppityWomyn: ok, thought it was a callback in the making.

couldn’t they just tow Gallifrey back like they did with the Earth in Journey’s End?

ah thank god, Wilf’s saved the technician in the booth. Everything’s going to be all right then.

Woo, The Doctor’s pulled a gun on the Time Lord President (whoever he is, probably not Borusa again).

I like The Master sane. Couldn’t stand the bonkers guy. He’s clearly back to normal now.

Wooo… the woman behind the President, she’s cryin’ awww… I wonder who she is? Probably Thalia regenerated, I reckon.

Autotechgirl: There are many debates as to who that woman is. Personally I think it’s more fun not really knowing, I like speculating.

ooh lightning blasts from the master into time lord guy… zap.. pe’owwwwww whooosh… there they go!

Yay! The Doctor’s still alive. Everything is going to be… oh no… Wilf’s knocked four times… bummer.

Loster 21: You are just so mean. πŸ˜‰

UppityWomyn: love it. Bummer.

He could do so much more! SO MUCH MORE!!! sad music, wilf in the booth, the doctor all teary…

and wilf’s out, the doctor’s in. Radiation… argh, he’s down… he’ll either regenerate or just shake the radiation out of his foot.

oh. he’s ok again. Fantastic. Can’t wait to see David Tennant again next year. well, this year now.

oh. it’s started. he’ll probably regenerate now.

Ah no, he seems to be able to walk about and fly off in the tardis. Hmm… started eh?

and he’s in Chiswick, still not regenerating…

ooh Martha! Mickey! Being fired at by a Sontaran. So they say. Oh there he is. Hasn’t he got a small tongue? Ah he’s been probic vented.

UppityWomyn: I always thought he should go back & shag Rose. But RTD went another way. Ahhh well

Ah, there’s the Doctor. Still not regenerating. Well it’s started, must be any second. Ooh there’s Luke! Luke out for that car! Ahahahaa

It’s ok, The Doctor’s there. He’s just about to regenerate. Ah no. He’s still got time to wave at Sarah-Jane.

Hath! Graske! Slitheen! those little balls of fat, the rhino guys, Captain Jack! Oh look, the Doctor’s given him an ‘In’ to Alonso. Sweet

UppityWomyn: one of the best scenes.

Oh look it’s Jessica Stevenson, she’s got make-up and her hair done. She actually looks attractive this time. Some creep in the book queue.

He’ll probably regenerate now.

Ah no, he’s got time to head to Donna’s wedding. Hooray! June Bloody Whitfield. She’ll probably goose Cribbins. Still not regenerating.

A Lottery Ticket! Isn’t that changing the timeline? Ah well, who cares eh RTD? The Doctor will probably regenerate now.

Oh look it’s Rose and Jackie. Ah this must be Pre-Eccles. Jackie’s gone orange. Oh look, a creepy guy watching a girl. It’s the Doctor!

He’s regenerating! At last! No, Russell, I’m only kidding, I love these scenes. Ooh it looks painful.

Oh look, an Ood. ood have thought it?

UppityWomyn: groan, baaad.

no explanation for the Ood two-brain leader guy.

“But the story never ends.” Reminds me of Sylv’s line in Dimensions in Time

Yay DT threw his coat over the arch like old times… here it comes…

Murray Gold climaxes

UppityWomyn: they can show that on screen? ;p

Ah those MUST be the final words… byebye DT… *sniff*

the tardis explodes

…for dramatic reasons.

DEAR GOD what the flip is that thing?

Bronska01: What??? What is it?!!

someone’s put an unfinished clone in his place. His features aren’t quite done. it looks like an Odo mask.

Well.. that was fun. Up to a point.

Bromley001: The last 15mins worth of Tweets of yours have been great!

Loster 21: Actually, it was, and I thank you ;D

Ah, DWC for EoT2 – not sure it’s on the DVD. Tried the Next Doctor disc – no commentary!!! wtf????

For fun I like to make a foghorn sound whenever Julie Gardner talks, to drown her out. Try it, it’s hilarious.

I think it’s telling that in the DWC for EoT2 DT doesn’t mention MaSM by name. I think he says “another guy” or something. Interesting.

I wonder who has the David Tennant dummy. Will it rot away in someone’s attic or has Julie got it in her bedroom?

I love that DT felt a bit of a thrill in noting the final time he used the sonic screwdriver. He’s still a fanboy πŸ™‚

ah, DT says “Some other bloke walks in wearing your suit” – there we go, “some other bloke”. That’s what I shall call him. S.O.B.

And David Tennant’s “Golden Wrap” – again, it sounds like a sexual term. I bet it’s filthy.

One response to “The End of Time, pt 2 – Phototweetblog

  1. UppityWomyn Friday 29th January, 2010 at 2.58 am

    Ok, that was awesome, I loved how you mixed it all together… very entertaining… more so than some parts of EOT.


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