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Today’s Mental Spam #4

Hem in hateful quarrel and I thought: Behold, the risen demons! Animals
are cruel but not vulgar. Yet both in cruelty and vulgarity

man is on record.
If forced to chose one of two
evils, we should prefer to look at cruelty rather than
vulgarity. All our to-days are spoiled by reminiscences about yesterday and sorrows
about tomorrow.
Thus we are disindividualising and emptying all our “to-da ys” and degrading them to a misty meeting-place of yesterday and tomorrow.

I really have no use for any of these items. I wish I could tell them.


From the physical point of view the greatest thing
in this life is its mystery. From the moral point of view the greatest thing in man is the optimistic interpretation of that mystery.
There is no reasonable optimism outside of Christianity. No man could be a tyrant unless he were a slave of some moral defects. No nation could tyrannise over another nation unless it were tyrannised over itself by some illusions.

Nobody in the world is free but he who feels himself to be a prisoner of Christ. The greatest champion of freedom in human history
called himself: “Paul, a prisoner of Jesus Christ.” CHAPTER
I THE WISDOM OF THE CHURCH SOPHIA The most magnificent sanctuary of the Eastern Churches is called St Sophia (Holy Wisdom), whereas the most magnificent sanctuaries of the Western Churches are called St Peter’s, St Paul’s,


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