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Language, Timothy.

This has been annoying me for a long time and finally I’ve had enough.

I spend a fair bit of time on Twitter, I listen to comedy podcasts, I’ve read Youtube comments.

Since when has the word “Cunt” (see, i’m not a prude) been socially acceptable to bandy about willy-nilly?  It seems now that everybody in comedy under the age of 40 just litters all conversation with the term.  Anyone stands in front of you in a queue?  C*nt.  Someone heckles a comedian at a gig?  C*nt.   Someone’s in a different political party to you and has different views?  C*nt.

Oh I bow to your superior wit, clearly you are ha-ha-hilarious, you are so scathing and cool!  Don’t mess with this guy, people, he’s not afraid to call you a C*nt!!  I could name one “comedian” who’s every remark is to calls everyone who he meets (and in many cases his own friends who lap up the ‘hilarity’) a C*nt.  I mentioned it to him that perhaps he ought to grow up or forever be identified as “the man who always says ‘C*nt'” and well, you can imagine the good spirits in which he took the constructive criticism.  Actually you can’t.  He ranted and ranted even though acknowledging at one point that I had a point and had made it politely.

When I was young no-one would dare say a swear word in front of their parents.  They would be smacked, sent to their room without any dinner or generally punished effectively.  I remember being shocked at hearing the word “bloody” on the ITN news.  At school we giggled like crazy in metalwork when we were introduced to the ‘bastard file’.  I gasped when Burt Reynolds said “bullshit” on a late movie.

Now we live in a world where parents refuse to discipline their children and it’s even ok for children to shout profanities or share horribly coarse conversations with their laughing parents.

I still am disturbed by hearing the C-word.  To me it’s the ultimate expletive and should be held in reserve for when it’s really needed.  Though I am tempted to use it on the likes of Piers Morgan and Richard Littlejohn, I’m content to use minor curse words about these abscesses on society. 

The rise of the chav has given us a daily experience where every f***ing sentence is f***ing peppered with f***ing bad laguage and they don’t even f***ing attempt to f***ing keep their f***ing voices down in front of f***ing children.  When I was a kid if someone spoke like that in front of children they would have been punched by the nearest adult male.  It simply would not be tolerated.  Neither would aggressive teens playing loud tinny music out of their cheap phones.

Truly we live in different times.  I can’t say I like it.


4 responses to “Language, Timothy.

  1. dannifoley Saturday 10th July, 2010 at 11.57 pm

    I feel the same way! In fact, I got called a c*nt over “The Game of Life” (yes, the board game) and thought, when did this become acceptable? Thankfully one of the other players also spoke up to defend my honor, but it truly is an epidemic.

  2. @sazzadee Thursday 19th August, 2010 at 10.23 am

    I thought it was just me who has never used the c word. I was shocked by its rife apearance on twitter but am immune now. I don’t like the fact that I am now immune though.
    My son informed me that he knew, “The worst swear.” He was 6 and I was horrified. I asked him what letter it began with but not to say the word. He whispered ‘n’. I couldn’t think what it might be but was obviously relieved.
    He knows now that nincompoop is not ‘a swear’ so he shouts it at his brother regularly.
    Great blog.

  3. Samantha Sunday 17th April, 2011 at 9.19 am

    I can’t stand the C word there is just no need for it, and just think those who use f……. in every sentence just are ignorant and can’t find nothing else to say. I knew a young lady, and I use that word loosely as perhaps she wasn’t a lady, anyway at times she would use a swear word in almost every sentence when talking to friends and used to use the C word quite loosely and she was my boss! and she had been living with her boyfriend for about 4years plus, god knows how she kept hold of a bloke as i would have thought blokes didn’t like women who swear or is that simply not true?

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