Raging Against the World

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Dream Series

Dream: Friday night: I become the flatmate of a beautiful free-spirited girl and a nerdy guy, like Uni. The place is huge and decorated like a Forbidden Planet/Museum. It is a vast penthouse filled with gaming/FP stuff. The bee’s knees.

Dream: Saturday night/ Sunday
Morning: continuing: I go to visit the girl at her workplace: a bank. A cashier tells me my phone is ringing. I reach into my pocket: it is a crossed line: “Did you miss your train?” she asks him. He will not be coming home tonight, the night I move in. they are discussing me: he says he thinks i am a Deathworder. I do not understand the term, she does and gives a polite “mmmm” reply. I leave the bank, I have not met her but continue to listen, silently, as I fear pressing Mute button will end the call. I meet her at the flat, we cuddle on the floor by the door, she wears a purple jacket facing it and she says she should have asked for my number. I say “get your phone”. She rushes off, fetches it, it is purple. She gives it to me to key in my details. I do, but leave name field blank for her. A straw from her phone sucks my drink in, a memento for her to drink at a later time.


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