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Acceptable or Unacceptable? (It depends on who you are)

Man A is in his 30s.  He’s well educated, a pillar of the community with an impressive career.  He’s not well-liked because he’s a bit oily, a bit smarmy, but he does well in his career.  He works in showbiz.  What he’d do was use his fame to get him into parties at clubs where boys were.  He’d select a boy he fancied, he’d impress them with his money, his big fancy car and other trappings of success.  Oh the wonderful world of showbiz!

Now being the oily smarmy man he is, the public and tabloids turn against him – boo!  nasty man!   Man A is found guilty and goes to prison.  He still claims to be innocent, even today.

Man B is 58.  He’s a musician, he plays guitar in a band.  He was married for years, a good family man.  And then one day he is found out to have used his credit card to pay for online websites where lots of children are having things done to them you would rather not hear about.  His defence is that he only looked at the photos, he didn’t download any, Tubbs!  “I’m innocent!” he says.  In a use of the Winona Defence he claims to have been doing it for “research” for a book.  The police decide that even though it is very illegal to do so he won’t go to court, he will only be cautioned.  Phew!  That was a close one!   We’re still waiting for the book.

Man C is a 53yr-old musician who fronts a band.  He’s been famous for a very long time, he is loved and respected by the public.  But oh dear, one day he takes his computer in to be repaired.  “Don’t look at anything on the hard drive!” he says, but oh dear, the repair people find his computer stocked with lots of images of children having things done to them you would rather not hear about.  He is arrested and found guilty, sentenced to four months in prison and put on the sex offenders list.  It also turns out that twenty years earlier that he had had sex with a 14yr-old girl.  The public are disgusted.  He is an evil vile man say them and the tabloids.  Worse still, he’s actually bald and has been wearing wigs for years.  When released he flees to Cambodia and oh dear, whoops, he is deported for child abuse.  He goes to Vietnam and whoops, oh dear he does it again with a 10 and 11 year old girl.  And a few more.  He tries to flee to Thailand (yes, you know what that country is famous for).  He goes to prison and is deported on release back to England where he lives today, much to the anger of the public who despise this evil, vile,bald man.

Man D is 48.  He’s a musician, he plays bass in a band.  He’s claimed to have sex with a lot of women.  Over a thousand he says.  You see he’s in a very famous band and so he gets a lot of groupies.  One day he meets a girl and starts having sex with her.  She is 13, but he waits until she’s 14 to have sex with her.  What a guy!  But it’s alright!  Her parents are ok, he has their blessing to have sex with her!  Isn’t that wonderful?  He even marries her when she hits 18!  What a guy!  Of course they divorce three years later but c’est la vie.  His son later becomes engaged to the mother!  Oh what a perfect life!

Man E is 26.  He just happens to be in Texas when the Beatles arrive in America.  He becomes a DJ and being a man from Liverpool (he ramps up his not-very-strong accent to accentuate this) he gets famous very quickly by claiming to know the Beatles very well.  After his shows he has lines of young girls waiting outside the studio for him.  He is far away from home, and hey, it’s the 60s!  Why not indulge himself in these readily available clearly underage girls?  Why not?  After all girls just slightly older are getting married.  Sure, they’re under the age of consent, but come on man – it’s the 60s!  Yeah, free love, no-one cares that they’re underage, least of all this 26yr-old.  I didn’t have sex with *all* of them he says many years later, many it was just heavy petting for a lot of them!  Heavy petting includes nudity, groping of each other’s genitals, oral and things done with the fingers, lest we forget.  It’s far from innocent, but “i didn’t ask their age!” he says laughing.  In an interview he is photographed with photos of naked girls on the walls of his bedroom.  It’s the sixties!  Eventually he meets the 15yr-old girl of his dreams and marries her.  “She lied about her age!” he says later.  So presumably there’s no documentation needed for marriage then?  Anyway her parents gave their consent!  That makes it alright then!  Lest we forget, this man is a DJ.  The very pinnacle of showbiz, he plays records!  He brings his underage bride back to Britain where eventually she kills herself.  “She had problems” he says.

Years later this man has become an iconic DJ because he… plays songs by bands.  Bands that might not get played by other DJs.  He becomes a household name, this warm and fluffy man.  Everyone loves him.  Eventually he has enough fame to be signed for a book deal and the long-known rumours of his past in Texas come out, are glossed over and forgotten because… he’s famous, everyone loves him!  It was the sixties, it was a long time ago!  He was young!  True, he was a fully-grown adult having sex with children, but hey, let’s ignore that because we like him!  He dies, and everyone who hasn’t read about his past assume he’s a GREAT MAN.  This DJ who plays records on the radio.  People even say “hey it would have been his birthday today, let’s celebrate it!”

And when someone points out that he’s not squeaky clean, that he is in fact a man with a very very dodgy past I’m the one who is “vile”.  They make excuses.  Hey it was a long time ago!  Hey he’s dead, there’s no proof!  He played records do you see?  “I hope you got equally upset over Roman Polanski” says one girl more than willing to excuse Mr Famous.  “I think, 50 years on, it’s less about right and wrong and more about you wanting to win an Internet” she says. 

“I’m not interested in debating John Peel’s sense of morality with you and I’m not arguing for or against what he did, but even the article says “14 years olds were getting married in Dallas at the time”. If you’re allowed to get married at 14 you should be able to do what you want with your body including sleep with a 26 year old man, penetration or not, especially since they went to his studio with those intentions. You can’t take a situation like that out of context and examine it from a current point of view.” says another. 

That’s right, the age of consent is nonsense.  Children can make their own decisions about sex, it doesn’t matter!  If the age of consent works against you in your own country, go somewhere else!  Go to Thailand you child molesters, go to the Phillipines.  It’s ok there, you’ve done nothing wrong.  In some countries the age of consent is 9 years old, ferchrissakes!  Some countries have no law on it at all!



One response to “Acceptable or Unacceptable? (It depends on who you are)

  1. @poopette Wednesday 15th September, 2010 at 11.28 pm

    Most definitely not acceptable – EVER! Great article by the way.

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