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Twitter Twaddle

The internet has been much vaunted as providing real-time updates providing uncensored speech. To some extent it does that, but you have to actively seek out the information you require. And there are literally millions of blogs and sites out there, you can’t possibly check them all. It’s overwhelming.

Twitter has an alternate solution, you sit there and information comes to you. Anything you want to know is piped directly to you by people who are interested. Politics, inventions, news. In many cases by the time News appears on tv or radio (and even that is way ahead of the newspapers) you knew about it a long time earlier on Twitter. It’s Old News.

In many cases Twitter gives the truth about events in such a way that you become aware of how much the MediaTM lies to you. Nowhere was this more clear to me than the recent student protests in London. Even the BBC misled the public with the “Live” ident above the endless loop of what actual few moments of violence there was. But we got tweets from people actually there. They told us what actually was happening {present tense}.

But Twitter has its dumb side too. The people who want to pervert twitter to make it a “business tool” make me sad.

There are many benefits to Twitter, you can inform, debate, commentate on tv, just generally hang out with people far away…

…but then there’s the people who open accounts for their pets. I thought these were the lowest of the “i’m an idiot” end of the spectrum. Then today I found one even worse. They’ve created a twitter account for their two year-old son. I’m not making this up.

  • Oh mummy! Dearest! I have a present for you!”
  • “44444rfrrfrdrddfffftttyttyuyujjyjhmgthjhjytyjjyuyjyjtttttyghhyyty56y65564555tytytyytytytytjyyyuyu778uyytr44444444444t44fffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”
  • “cdfrededededdrre3455ghyyhgtweedccfrrfr4rrfrtffvrrfvrfvvfvfvffvvff”
  • “Watching close encounters now. BARRYYYYYYY!!!!!!”

…are just a few of the selection of gems put out by this child parent.

It has 26 followers! Who gets value from this stuff? These 26 people should be slapped, like a hysterical person.

[UPDATE] The mother has just tweeted to her child.  Aaaaaaargh.


One response to “Twitter Twaddle

  1. nicnicus Monday 15th August, 2011 at 9.25 pm

    This, is akin to dog Facebook accounts, ridiculous.

    Talking of children being adored and generally over indulged by their parents (and grandparents) the worst of all offences, in my humble opinion, the child recording the
    answerphone message.

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