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How to Create Chapter Points in an Audio File (Windows version)

So you’re an aspiring podcaster, you want to put out a shining product which’ll look professional and stand out from the crowd?

Or perhaps you’re tired of your iTunes library being cluttered up with files labelled “Track 1”, “Track 2” and so on.

Maybe you have a comedy album with each track labelled by content. It’s fine on an iPhone, but on an iPod it’s a hassle getting the tracks to play in the right order.

There is a solution. What you do is compile all the tracks into one large file with Chapter Points. Each Chapter Point will have the name of the chapter and if the artwork changes, then that changes on your device as it plays. It’s the format you see on Enhanced Podcasts. This is how it looks on a computer under iTunes:

On a Mac you’ve been able to fairly easily do this but the software to do it on a PC has been sadly absent. Until now.

With the Chapter and Verse program you can import a selection of tracks and manipulate them easily. Each track can have its own title and artwork.

But… and this is the best bit: If you already have each track named and labelled, it’ll pull these in for you. No need to manually type each one!

I’ll give you a step-by-step idea of how it goes:

If you have an entire side of an LP you can split the tracks with cue points. Here’s how I do it in Goldwave:

You can see the white lines on the audio which show where the cue points are for each track. Goldwave can then split them, automatically naming them as (in this case) 14 seperate tracks.

Working from iTunes now, I have my 14 tracks (Side 1) laid out as so:

Now we open the Chapter and Verse program and add our tracks. I’m an MP3 kind of a guy, I don’t go in for AAC but it’s a part of the process that they need to end up as m4b files so Chapter and Verse will use iTunes to convert them for you! You don’t have to do anything! (Though it’s advisable to go through the Update Settings option the first time you run Chapter and Verse or you might end up with 32kbps mono files like I did the first time. See dialogue box, there.) It’s important here to make sure all iPods/iPhones are unplugged.

When this is done you’ll see them lined up under the Input Files tab. If you want to switch to the Metadata tab you can make sure that the overall title for the file you’re about to make is that which you want. In my case I’ll change Loyal Apology (it takes the name from the first file) to Side One.

Switching to the Chapters tab you’ll see a box in the bottom-left corner that says Input Files. Switch that to <Metadata title> and you’ll see all your chapter titles as they were in iTunes!

If you want a different image per chapter, now’s the time to add it. When you’re satisfied with what you have (you can preview it at the top of the screen!) hit Build Audiobook and you’re done! It’ll even add the replacement file to iTunes for you.

All you have to do now is delete your 14 tracks and sync to your mp3 player. It couldn’t be simpler!

The site for downloading Chapter and Verse is here: it’s freeware, but if you like this product (and I’m sure you will) why not tip them a donation?


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