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God is a Busy Man

And on the 8th Day God got up a bit late, mooched about the kitchen and decided to carry on with his redecoration of the Universe. 

Lucifer’s keeping an eye on Adam, poking him with a stick now and again to see how he responds to stimuli.  Good old Lucifer.  My favourite angel.

“So,” thought god, “what next?  It’s a lovely universe, all spotless and fresh.”

 True, the Earth was a bit gloopy, being made out of water, it probably needs a bit of thickening.  What better to solidify it than to fill it with something hot which’d bake the inside?  Lovely, hot molten rock, that works.  I can grab some from the dinosaur planet.  Those poor dinosaurs.  How was I supposed to know they would insist on eating the fruit from my banana tree?  I told them it wouldn’t agree with their constitutions but I turn my back for five minutes… 

All dead, God mused sadly.  Won’t make that mistake again.

And God did lift up the surface of the earth and sweep the bits of dinosaur world underneath

Simmer for 1 day, perfect.  Oh whoops, I forgot to pick the dinosaur bones out.  Ah well, never mind, it’ll all be underground, buried out of the way, that’ll do.  On the plus side, everything seems to be taking me an exact day to do!  I predict I shall have Adam flying about in a machine by day 14 at this rate!  He’d like that wouldn’t he?  Good little Adam.

And on the 9th Day God did question his angels for suggestions of additions to Adamworld.

  • More Adams!
  • Different temperatures in different places.
  • New food (not Manna)
  • More flapping things
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • More yapping things
  • Some way of knowing when the day was going to become the night
  • More shelves.

All good ideas!  I do love brainstorming with my angels.  Though someone’s taken one of the manna biscuits out of the pack before I did.  I don’t want to seem overly bossy, but I am the employer after all!  They’re only here because of me!  Lucifer has said he’d keep an eye out for future infractions.  Ah he’s a good lad, I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Anyway, I’ve decided to try out more yapping and flapping things and also this “different temperatures” thing.  Could be interesting.  OK, I’ll just do a bit of Adam-watching for a while.  Watch him scurrying around with that little dangly thing wobbling, it does make me laugh.  I do wish he’d stop playing with it though.  I put it there for my entertainment, not his.

Oops. Day 9 and I haven’t made anything yet.  I’d best get on with it. 

And later in the day…

I did create a prototype quadruped with a big horn, but Lucifer said it was basically the same as the horses.  He’s right of course.  I’d better knock up something quickly before the day’s over though, because night’ll be… oh, it’s night-time.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I’ll come up with more creatures.

And on the 10th Day…

OK I’m bored with Adam now.  I thought it’d be a fun toy, but it’s not quite as interesting after the first few days.  Maybe some add-ons?  I quite like the idea of giving him a horn on his head.  I tried rolling some balls at him and he enjoyed that a lot, so that was nice.  I mean, I do like him, but there’s only so many times you can watch him sleep befre you want him to do something!  I’m tired of waking him up.

I made a horse with wings, but Lucifer says they’re too flighty (pardon my pun!) and would get out of the Eden horse enclosure too easily.  So I thought: how about a big fat bird?  If nothing else they’d be funny to watch!  Lucifer okayed that when I showed him the prototype.  I do value his judgement, it’s nice to have an objective eye.  Sometimes I feel too close to this project.

Oh!  Temperatures!  I nearly forgot to say!  I made the top and bottom bits of Adamworld cold.  I dropped Adam down there but he just collapsed and stopped moving so I put him back in Eden before anyone noticed.  He seems alright though, so no harm done.


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