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7 responses to “Follow Your Bliss

  1. Rebecca Thursday 14th April, 2011 at 1.45 pm

    this is clearly a response to me – perhaps among others, but almost certainly my recent comment to you was a trigger. i was genuinely surprised that you suddenly unfollowed me, as we have had occasional exchanges, and you have seemed very keen on continuing offline conversations. i can only assume you are smarting from my what you perceive as a lack of reciprocal interest. i enquired because i was worried i had offended you somehow, and i don’t like to cause offence. i used about 30 chars. the fact you wrote a blog about it suggests you care about this a lot more than i do. but don’t berate me – or anyone else – for having manners simply because you lack basic social skills. if someone i’ve never chatted to unfollows, i don’t give a fig. but if twitter is a conversation in a pub, abruptly unfollowing someone you’ve recently been very friendly with is the equivalent of stalking off in the middle of a conversation.

    • Rumpio Thursday 14th April, 2011 at 2.24 pm

      It’s not about you, specifically. I get this from a lot of people, it’s happened a few times in the last few days.

      You didn’t reply to my last message, you haven’t spoken to me in quite a few days. Like I was at pains to point out, it’s not a personal thing, i don’t dislike you. I just feel I’m talking at someone who doesn’t have an interest.

      And how exactly would one unfollow someone un-abruptly? It’s a binary thing; you either follow or don’t.

  2. Lucy Taylor Thursday 14th April, 2011 at 1.50 pm

    Totally agree. I am going to retweet this.

  3. Jules Thursday 14th April, 2011 at 3.46 pm

    I agree with you – and I also have blocked people following me whose timelines look unappealing! (usually they are under 20 and talking utter drivel…).

    I may feel differently if you unfollow me 😉 or take up NLP…or both.

  4. Jampot Friday 16th September, 2011 at 9.50 pm

    I’ve come to your blog late. As you have followed me I’ve read your blog. I don’t advertise my blog on Twitter now as it’s silly, personal and amateurish.

    I have to admit I added you purely on your name. It made me smile. I’m probably every reason you’d unfollow somebody. However hoping you don’t but promise will take my unfollowing with quiet reflection.

    You still didn’t sign that contract or answer the question about your Cliff Richard Tweet fully I feel. ne’er mind. Tweet on Macduff.


    • Rumpio Sunday 18th September, 2011 at 3.22 am

      I did! I stamped my X on the bottom! As I said, I cannot read or write so that’s my mark. It’s a terrible shame but at mouse I don’t have dyslexia!

      I was told to say othig further on Classic-era Cliff too!

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